Haircare Solutions By Melao

Haircare Solutions By Melao

One Of The Leading Cosmetics Maker- Melao

If you’re looking for a reliable and fantastic maker in the cosmetics domain, perhaps you’re looking for melao, which is a leading and one of the most successful brands. Located in China, it has struggled to build a legacy, which proves its quality. Moreover, the fair vision and mission to serve the public through affordable and high-quality products further define Melao. It’s not just a brand, but is also the face of quality cosmetics from China.

Several leading brands from around the world rely on their OEM/ODM manufacturing to keep their brand’s reputation stable. This proves that Melao is also working in the background to offer affordable quality cosmetics to the world.

An Insight Into Melao

Let’s peek into an insight into Melao. It all began in the year 2013 when Melao entered the market through leading online selling platform “Alibaba”. At that time, it offered OEM/ODM services to the brands around the world. Sooner, Melao became a popular and leading choice of multiple tycoons.

Within 3 years, Melao transformed to develop as an international seller. It was no longer restricted to Alibaba and spread its coverage through Aliexpress, Amazon, and other leading e-commerce platforms.

In the next 3 years, Melao became an unstoppable leading cosmetic maker, and joined hands with various leading countries and their governments such as Singapore, Oceana, and more. Melao has played a vital role in coping up with the COVID-19 situations and fought bravely to help people in their tough times.

The story isn’t restricted to melao’s past. Melao also aims for a strong future mission, which intends to bring household beauty products into millions of houses. With such success, people wanting to increase their business must join with Melao for a mutual organizational benefit.

Products Range

The product range may not be diverse, but the quality is outstanding. Here’s a brief of product range offered by Melao:

1. Hair Products For Haircare

Women are very cautious about their hair, that’s why Melao has bought a perfect solution that will take care of their hair. Use Melao haircare solution to achieve the most beautiful tresses you can ever think of. Products include shampoos, hair wax, conditioners, cream, and more.

2. Skin Care Products For A Beautiful Skin

Fair skin is something that every girl wants. If you’ve tried several products with a failed result, perhaps you’ve not tried out Melao. With a variety of items like lotion, sun screen, creams, and more, Melao will be your one stop solution to a perfect skin.

3. Cleaning Products

Any product you wish to use while taking a bath are offered by Melao. Your shower experience will be the best when going inside with Melao products. Range include soaps, gel, scrub, cream, and more.

4. Oral Health Care Items

Oral hygiene is now possible with Melao items. Some range include whitening powder, mouth wash, and more.

Service Details

  • Customer care service
  • After sales services
  • Sample services to check the samples
  • Personal labelling
  • Custom ingredient manufacturing
  • E-mail and phone support services
  • Multiple convenient payment options

Packing Information

There are various types of packaging solutions available to ensure that your products stands out in the market. From cardboard boxes to plastic packing materials, Melao makes sure that you get the exact packing style as desired.

Brand Accomplishments

Melao has emerged as one of the leading brands in the last decade, which has bought a revolution in quality cosmetic products worldwide. The brand has accomplished nothing less than the most profitable businesses in the current market scenario.