What is a good pressure washer psi

What is a good pressure washer psi

Having a Rectratable System in your home like a pressure washer is one of the best things that can happen to you. This device makes life easier and faster, and the job will be more effective. With a pressure washer, you'll bother less about cleaning large or filthy surfaces. Your pressure washer will do the job - without any hassles. All you'll need is to get a safety kit to avoid any issues and pressure wash in a matter of minutes or maybe a few hours, depending on the size of the area you are cleaning.

A pressure washer doesn't become amazing equipment on its own; the components help the pressure washer. The pressure washer always operates with the pressure coming from the pump. The measure of the pressure coming from the pump will affect how many stains your pressure washer can remove. Also, it determines the type of places you can use the pressure washer to clean. Because most of us are first-time buyers of a pressure washer, you can be confused about the proper pressure for your pressure washer to have. In this guide, we'll be discussing the suitable psi for your pressure washer.

What's the suitable psi for your pressure washer?

The Suitable Psi of your pressure washer should be determined for your primary need of the washer. For instance, you may need a pressure washer to wash some parts of your home's interior and most parts of the exterior. In this scenario, your pressure washer's psi should be large enough to wash the outdoor conveniently. Also, it should be lenient enough to wash the interior surfaces without risking damage. Although the need can determine your pressure washer psi, an average pressure washer psi should be between 1300 and 2300 psi.

What's the suitable psi for pressure washing a vehicle/motorcycle?

When washing a vehicle or motorcycle, you may be washing some dust that requires little pressure. At other parts of the car, you may be cleaning very stubborn grease that has come as a result of the oils around the area. For instance, a vehicle's tyres require a psi of over 1500 because they're stronger and the pressure can't damage them. But using the same psi value on the glass and other fragile parts of the vehicle may lead to damage.

What's the suitable psi for pressure washing a driveway?

No matter the weather, your driveway is always in use. As such, there's a lot of dirt stored along the driveways. Whether your driveway is made of concrete or asphalt, it has the capacity to receive whatever pressure. If you want to wash a driveway effectively, your psi should be above 2000 psi. Something around 3000 psi will be perfect because the pressure is high enough to blot out any dirt of any kind.


The psi you need for your pressure washer depends on why you need the pressure washer. Some of the factors Affecting The psi of the Pressure washer include; the surface to be cleaned, the frequency of usage, and course, your budget.